Congratulations to Lanquan and GZ military water purification research institute come to a strategic cooperation agreement


Recently Lanquan and Guangzhou military water purification research institute formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, according to the agreement the two parties will cooperate in military water purifier series product design, development, research and production. From then on Lanquan will service for army, widely used military border post, independent on duty and other outdoor action.

Since 2013, Military institute started to carried on the thorough analysis and research to our water filters about the safety and effectiveness of material, study their service time, convenience of maintenance, and the rationality of their structures. Meanwhile, the military institute also took comprehensive inspection of the production and operation of the company as a whole strength before signing the cooperation agreement.

Guangzhou military water purification institute specialized in the study and research of the military water purification treatment, processing design and equipment production for the Chinese people's liberation army. It is the only one of water purification institute in the eight major military commands in China.

Its main task is to solve the military water demand in the condition of high-tech local war or fight against all kinds of natural disasters, and established the safety system of drinking water system in the army.

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