Free Open Day for the students from GuangDong Country Garden Middle School


Recently, a group of special guests from GuangDong Country Garden Middle School, the teachers and students visited our headquarter to learn about the water ionizer machine!

The development of Lanquan water ionizer machines in the country garden groups has  a history for more than ten years, a lot of school administrators are the loyal users of our water ionizers. When needing to arrange the students for some social practice activities, the leader teacher Ms. Guo immediately contacted the store manager in GuangDong Country Garden, and ask if Lanquan can provide a trainee opportunity to her students. As a very social responsibility of enterprises, Lanquan’s leadership quickly agreed the application of free Open Day to the factory, and arranged the related reception work immediately.

In this sunny morning, they came to Lanquan headquarters located in Panyu district.

Teachers and students has carried on the preliminary understanding to Lanquan and water purification industry , and visited the showroom and workshop, learned more about the knowledge of water ionizer machine and some kind of related products .

In the end, the students thought that was a very meaningful of trainee experience, and thumb up Lanquan’s rigorous production and testing process.

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