Lanquan marketing center staff took the outdoor development training


On May 26, in Guangzhou it finally cleared up after raining for several days, our panyu marketing center staff, more than 20 people, took their outdoor development training in the hilarious paradise of Dan puddle, well knowed as the tourism scenic area located in the huangpu district. This training not only improved the team cooperation consciousness, but also get everybody to think more via all kinds of team work. We hope this awareness could be consolidate and digested into the daily work.

challenge the limit in the activities
At the beginning of the training, the players were divided into two teams, the team leader had to decide their own team name, slogan, team song and the action gesture. All these training aimed to let the staff know their own potential, enhance self-confidence, share the joy of the collective, enhance collective participation and sense of responsibility.

Motivate unlimited potential
All the training projects were of great challenges, at first some colleagues were scare and refused to try. With the encourage of workmates and the demonstration of the other players, they finally got up their courage to overcome the difficulties. It is easy to give up if only one person to handle, but when it comes to team work, everyone stimulated their own potential.

Promote team cooperation ability

Recruit cool zone was one of the most challenging projects, it was composed by 10 parts, request the whole team to compete within 45 minutes and ensure at least five people would not fell down into the water. The staff could enjoy their success by challenging themselves, ascending individual, finally promoted team cooperation ability.

In the most arduous task, women could not complete it without any help. In order to ensure smooth completion of this task, two brave men volunteered to jump into the water, helped other players by their shoulders and arms. With their great effort, the whole team successfully obtained the victory.

This challenge expanded and strengthened the team cohesion, their confidence to overcome difficulties, made the players established the sense of trust and the real meaning of the team, which is good for player to create a mutual trust, and bring their best service attitude to each customer.

Our company always attaches great importance to the cultivation of the team,we hoped to develop the terminal sales to the outstanding market pioneers. In this coming summer, Lanquan terminal marketing center staff will provide various services to our old customers, pushing our business forward rapidly.


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